Car loan without proof

Do you want to buy a vehicle and want to take advantage of your credit to cover additional expenses? However, a conventional car loan can only be allocated to the price of the vehicle. However, there is a solution: car credit without proof or personal loan. Explanations.

Car loan without proof, it’s possible

Car loan without proof, it

When you apply for a loan from your banker to buy a car, he will logically refer you to a car loan. A loan known as affected which will report exclusively to this vehicle. Only, for example, you may need additional funds whether for insurance, to change tires or to make improvements. You could also take advantage of the process to grant yourself a vacation budget or additional work. In this case, head for the personal loan. This car loan without proof can be taken out for a maximum of 7 years and the amount can reach $ 75,000.

Advantages and disadvantages of auto credit without proof

Advantages and disadvantages of auto credit without proof

With auto credit without proof, you will be free to use the funds as you wish. You will have no obligation to buy and can distribute the unlocked capital according to your desires and your opportunities. In addition, you will not have to provide any supporting documents on the vehicle purchased or on any other purchases you may make. This loan is therefore simpler, more discreet and often faster. However, it has a negative aspect. If you take out a personal loan and order a car that is ultimately not delivered, you cannot cancel the credit. A possibility that remains with an assigned car loan.

Obtain a car loan without proof

Obtain a car loan without proof

A car loan without proof does not mean that you will have no documents to provide regarding your professional situation. Lenders are in fact obliged to check your identity, your resources and your creditworthiness before granting you a car loan without proof. Regardless of the destination of the funds released, you will need to create a file consisting of the following documents:

– proof of identity: identity card or passport
– proof of address: gas, electricity or water bill
– proof of income: last 3 payslips, tax notice
– Bank statements
– amortization table for outstanding loans

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